Dragon’s Dogma Review

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Dragon’s Dogma Review

Here’s the Dragon’s Dogma reveiw of the Capcom RPG release… they’re putting it out for Xbox and PS3. So you PC tards are gonna have to wait.

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Needless to say if you are easily scared and can’t handle a little blood and gore, partial nudity, suggestive themes, and/or violence… then you’re probably a pussy and you shouldn’t buy Dragon’s Dogma… in fact, you will probably wither away at the very sight of this Dragon Dogma review

However, if killing stuff and exploring cool things is your idea of fun… then you may be happily surprised by this new Capcom release.

(these Chinese guys are pretty good at making video games)

What is the best part of this Dragon Dogma Review?

Dragon Dogma Review | Dragon's Dogma Review

Great question. I’m glad you asked… (and yes that image is from the creator’s official site and I am not claiming it as my own (just for the record)).

It’s the part where I tell you that I am completely unqualified to give you a Dragon Dogma review. I even misspelled the name of it in the domain name… it should totally be Dragon’s Dogma Review, not Dragon Dogma Review.

…Hell, I haven’t even played it.

But since you are here to see a review  before you  buy Dragon’s Dogma here  I’ll share a little secret with you… Just between you and me… here’s a trailer for Dragon’s Dogma in French:

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Dragon Dogma Review PS3 / Xbox

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